Training Session With Tucker

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Training Session With Tucker

Here are some pictures from a recent training session with a great, 7 month old puppy named Tucker. Because he is such a high energy dog, it will take some extra work and time investment to get him where his owners want him to be. They are doing a wonderful job!

This particular session we were working on leash manners. In the pictures I am briefly working Tucker in order to flush out where the problem was. Tucker was pulling on the leash to the point of walking on his hind legs trying to pull his owners down the road.

I did nothing special, secretive, or harsh with Tucker to get him calm and walking beside me. All I did was take the leash in a calm and confident manner and assumed he would settle down. I know this may sound hokey to some people, but it really is just reinforcing the idea that most of the time, a dog is a mirror of its handler.

98% of the walk I was an observer giving my input and guiding the owners. They were the ones teaching Tucker what they wanted from him, because at the end of the day, it does no good if I can walk their dog, but they can’t. My goal is to teach owners how to train their own dog. If this is done correctly, the owners should acquire the skills to teach their dog anything they want, even if I never showed them that specific task.

Keep up the good work Alli and Andrew and before you know it, Tucker will be a well behaved, well balanced, happy dog!!!