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The Power of Reading Dog Poop

Hello everyone,

In only 12 hours...powdery white.

In only 12 hours…powdery white.

I just wanted to touch on something that I feel is very important, but not many people put the couple of seconds investment into it. That would be POOP. Yes, I said POOP. How many dog owners can honestly say they know what their dog’s poop looked like today and how it compared to the past couple of days? In my experience, far too few! Your dog’s poop can tell you so much about what is going on and can be an early indication to other, more severe issues. The poop you have the pleasure of viewing is from an 85 pound dog eating a 2 pound chicken, or equivalent a day in raw meat and bones. This is twelve hours after the deed was done. In another twelve it will have turned completely to a fine powder.

Just quickly looking at it I can tell that the dog is very efficient at using what it takes in by how little there actually is. I know there isn’t an over abundance of undigested carbohydrates because it turned white and hard so fast. It has a consistent texture without chunks of bones in it so I know the bone to meat ratio is good. Also I don’t see any foreign objects in it so I know the dog hasn’t gotten into something they weren’t suppose to.

Did I mention it doesn’t smell either??!! That tells me that the good bacteria in the gut is doing it’s job and is getting what it was meant to digest. These are just a few of the many positive results of feeding raw. And all it takes is a couple of seconds out of your day and it can make you feel better that you know where your dog stands on digestive health!

This is just the tip of the iceberg on examining poop and feeding raw. I will be coming out with an in depth look at both of these subjects in the near future so please keep checking back!

Thank you for reading,


No smell!

No smell!

It's hard to distinguish between the poop and the wood chips.

It’s hard to distinguish between the poop and the wood chips.