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Dear Josh,

I wanted to write to you and let people know what you did for Bear and my family. I’m notphillipbear usually good at this, but here goes.

So back in February of 2013, after doing all my research, I decided on a 3 month old Rottweiler puppy from an established German, working line. He’s my 3rd one at this point in my life so I thought I pretty much knew what I was in for. In addition to the puppy I have a 7 year old Rottie, a 15 year old teenager, a 6 year old and a 1 year old. My wife and I both have full time jobs so with that plus three boys, our time was consumed.

Everyday life was just too busy and I had no time to train a new puppy. I still kept him and by September of 2013 we had lost all of our patience with the puppy. I knew something had to change and that’s when I started to look for ways to control the puppy. After a few days of researching and looking at dog obedience trainers, I came across Fearless K9. Speaking to Josh I knew he was the right choice to help me train my dog. Josh wasn’t like all other dog trainers I spoke to because I felt he actually cared about and understood the animals in a way that most trainers seemed not to understand. He asked questions I never even thought about asking.

After discussing options and meeting with us, Josh invited my dog Bear to stay with him at his house, along with his 2 pit bulls, male and female, his wife and his daughter. Even though he encouraged me to come up at least once a week, I was only able to visit Bear 3 times as my schedule was very busy. Each time though, I was so impressed to see the transformation in my dog’s behavior. Josh would send me updated emails and pictures of his work with Bear. The training that my dog Bear was receiving was unbelievable.

Once it was time to come home, 8 weeks later, Bear was hand delivered by Josh to my house and it was like I had acquired a new dog. After the training, I had full control over Bear. He used to charge through my house, knocking over my kids and jumping all over my older dog, but upon arriving, he was calm and was well mannered. Josh stayed for hours helping and answering any questions we had making sure both Bear and us were comfortable with the situation. He also has made himself available whenever we call or email him with a question or issue. He even has met with us several times to show us some things we were not fully understanding.

To sum up my experience…..Bear is trained to a high level of obedience. We do everything off leash. I make time now because he’s fun to be with. Bear loves to work for me. Throwing a ball for an hour is the norm in a park with people everywhere. Bear has no interest in them, just me and our ball. When we practice our obedience he’s on point. I have so much to be thankful for and I am so happy to be able to have this experience. I owe it all to Josh and Fearless K9.
I really have the utmost respect for you and I can’t put it all into words, but thank you from deep inside. You made Bear so much fun to be with. It’s truly an awesome feeling to be able to go anywhere with him!

At one time I didn’t want bear anymore, but Fearless K9 change all that….. Thank you!!!!

Phil -Staten Island, NY

So for all of you who remember bear with me, for those who don’t this is our story!! Three years ago our Youth Group went to a Renegades Game…instead of coming home with a baseball we came home with a puppy…Fiddle!! Fiddle was one of two puppies who was selected to go the Renegades game in hopes of being adopted. (He was born in Virginia and had traveled to New York with a bunch of other animals in hopes of finding a new family…and he did. He is cute, and funny with a quirky personality. He learned very quickly to sit, fetch and rollover, but failed to learn a few basics through my training. To be honest, as much as we love him….some of his behaviors have been very challenging to me personally…and I got to the point that I began to wonder if I could live with his behaviors for much longer. I have never given up on an animal before…but he was testing my patience!! One day when I had just about had it…I contacted Josh the owner of Fearless K9…it was my good fortune (or maybe Fiddles) that I knew Josh and finally asked for help!!

I don’t want to over dramatize our situation but when you have a dog who for three years returns from going to the bathroom outside and within 15 to 30 minutes urinates on the floor…then barks to let you know he did it. I tried bringing him out again just about the time I thought he might go again…he still wet on the floor….I will tell you as I told my son recently (when he questioned me being upset)…multiply 365 days times 3 years and that is at least how many times I have washed that floor. Some days it was more than once. Fiddle also has an issue with barking at people as they walk by our home or as we walk him on a leash. I rarely had friends over because he would bark the entire time people were here. It was so stressful and embarrassing…

The first day Josh came to our home he went over some basics with us, he explained some ideas he had and basically gave me hope that he/we could turn this around. I have got to say I felt really hopeful after our first session.

The second time we got together Josh reinforced some of the information he shared with us our first session and then he added a walk. I love exercise and walking but walking with Fiddle has basically taken the fun out of it because I often had to turn around and go back home because of the way Fiddle acted when people were within our sight. While there was work involved in this walk, I could see right away some changes in Fiddles behavior when he was taught so that HE COULD understand what was expected from him. By the end of our walk he had actually laid down on the ground within a short distance of kids practicing a sport and parents walking by to bring them home.

I cannot tell you how it feels to believe that there is hope for change in an animal that in some ways seemed just not able “not to get it”. It helps when you yourself learn that you need to learn the right way to help your dog understand what is expected of them!!! Thank you Josh at Fearless K9…you are a wealth of knowledge and we look forward to continuing to grow with your assistance!!

Debie -Hyde Park, NY

It would be hard to match the energy of our two young boys, but our Raven sure does just that. She is young, big, and always on the move. Small daily details like dinner time didn’t need to be so hectic. There must be a way to not have her begging or jumping. Will she ever just lay down somewhereDSC01309? Will we ever be able to take her anywhere and actually have her under control? Almost a year after her adoption we realized we needed help.
Before even learning the basics of obedience Fearless K9 helped us to understand why Raven does what she does, which allowed us to build a framework of trust between us. She most certainly was a restless spirit! Over the course of the next six weeks our Raven became much more manageable because not only were we facilitating more exercise into her daily routine, but a regular schedule of obedience as well. Josh gave us the tools for providing opportunities for not only physical exercise, but mental as well. Our Raven finally had a job each day.
Each week we progressed to another step and along the way Josh helped us to find solutions to behavior issues. After each session we always felt so accomplished. Our family is so happy to have a better relationship with Raven. Thank you Fearless K9!

Stephanie -Hyde Park, NY

Josh was the fifth trainer that I met with and as soon as he told me what my dog, Cooper (an almost 2-year old German Shepherd), needed, I knew he was the one I wanted to train Cooper. I liked that he wasn’t a ‘one size fits all’ kind of trainer, in that he recognized that every dog is an individual. He explained why Cooper is aggressive toward other dogs and presented a plan to curb this aggression. We started with basic obedience and Cooper has done quite well so far. Cooper has a long way to go, but I am very happy with his progress. It just confirms that I made the right choice by going with Josh for his training. He is very knowledgeable and always takes the time to to answer any question(s) I have. I highly recommend Josh to resolve any issues anyone might have with his/her dog.

Barbara -Lake Katrine, NY

When I contacted Josh at Fearless K9 last August, we had a problem American bulldog on our hands.  Our dog had shown aggression and would not listen or respect me.  He was almost two years old and was quickly becoming more than I could handle.  Josh was very reassuring in our initial phone call and explained to me his experience with problematic, working breed dogs.  Many other trainers I contacted were unable to assist me with a bully breed dog that had shown aggression.

Our initial consultation with Josh was very informative.  He has a wealth of knowledge about dogs, their health and behaviors.  We outlined and targeted our family’s specific goals for our dog, Astro.  Josh has been a warm, caring trainer who respects his canine clients.  He has developed a great relationship with our dogs and our family.

Over the last year, Astro has become a more manageable, obedient dog.  We have set certain expectations and taught him how to act in our home.  I have also learned how to manage him and have identified my behaviors that enabled him to misbehave.

Josh has shown us how to keep our working dog as a beloved pet and protective dog, while at the same time maintaining the dog’s integrity and our sanity.

I would highly recommend Josh and Fearless K9 to anyone with dogs, but especially to owners of bully/working breeds or dogs with aggression issues.