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Stephanie – Hyde Park, NY

It would be hard to match the energy of our two young boys, but our Raven sure does just that. She is young, big, and always on the move. Small daily details like dinner time didn’t need to be so hectic. There must be a way to not have her begging or jumping. Will she ever just lay down somewhere? Will we ever be able to take her anywhere and actually have her under control? Almost a year after her adoption we realized we needed help.
Before even learning the basics of obedience Fearless K9 helped us to understand why Raven does what she does, which allowed us to build a framework of trust between us. She most certainly was a restless spirit!

Over the course of the next six weeks our Raven became much more manageable because not only were we facilitating more exercise into her daily routine, but a regular schedule of obedience as well. Josh gave us the tools for providing opportunities for not only physical exercise, but mental as well. Our Raven finally had a job each day.

Each week we progressed to another step and along the way Josh helped us to find solutions to behavior issues. After each session we always felt so accomplished. Our family is so happy to have a better relationship with Raven. Thank you Fearless K9!