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All personal protection dogs and handlers must prequalify through a full assessment.

A properly trained protection dog should be stable and have a very high level of control. This can only be accomplished if there is emphasis on obedience throughout the whole process. A protection dog trained in this manner is safer than many untrained pets. You also get the added comfort knowing your family is truly being protected.

There is a lot to think about when deciding to train or buy a protection dog. Many use Schutzhund as the standard when talking about personal protection dogs. Schutzhund is a great sport, but that is what it is, a sport. It was originally developed as a temperament test to see if dogs had the right temperament for working roles. It was never meant to be THE training for civilian/family protection, military, or police dogs. Each kind of protection has unique issues or things that apply only to that category.

I have seen “titled” dogs not know what to do when presented with real world scenarios. All you have to do is search the internet and you can see police K9s not doing what they were supposed to do because the bad guy wasn’t wearing a sleeve or didn’t present the proper arm to bite. It is not the dog’s fault. It is only doing what it was trained to do, which is to bite a jute sleeve on the left arm. Schutzhund has become very technical and choreographed. It has to be in order to judge dogs fairly on a point system. There is nothing wrong with this and I’ve seen Schutzhund titled dogs that do incredible protection work. The problem is, more often than not, it doesn’t translate into the real world. I look at these dogs with respect and know how much work that has been put into them.

On the flip side of this, I have worked with and trained dogs that would fail Schutzhund events all day long because of technical issues that apply only to the sport. But what these dogs lack in titles and ribbons, is more than made up for, in peace of mind, if ever my life or that of my family was on the line. I know with absolute confidence that these dogs are real and will lay down their lives if needed to protect their family.

As with any field of work or study, there are different disciplines within that field. This is definitely true within protection training even though many will not admit it. A military dog should be trained differently than a police K9, which should be trained different than a sport dog, which should be trained different than a family personal protection dog.

This doesn’t mean a dog trained in one discipline is any better or worse than in another. Yes, there are many things that are the same, but there are also a lot of specifics and nuances that aren’t, which can make a huge difference in a dog’s performance within a given context. What it comes down to is knowing what the dog’s job is going to be, and train it accordingly within it’s genetic capability.



This program is the advanced obedience program, plus all the techniques needed for your dog to become personal protection ready. You work with your dog at least once every week so you can acquire the skills needed to properly handle and control your dog. The knowledge and level of control the handler has, is just as, if not more important than your dog’s. Remember, any dog, especially a protection dog is only as good as its handler. You will also receive lifetime support for you and your dog. Scent discrimination and tracking may be added to this package.