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Phil – Staten Island, NY

Dear Josh,

I wanted to write to you and let people know what you did for Bear and my family. I’m notphillipbear usually good at this, but here goes.

So back in February of 2013, after doing all my research, I decided on a 3 month old Rottweiler puppy from an established German, working line. He’s my 3rd one at this point in my life so I thought I pretty much knew what I was in for. In addition to the puppy I have a 7 year old Rottie, a 15 year old teenager, a 6 year old and a 1 year old. My wife and I both have full time jobs so with that plus three boys, our time was consumed.

Everyday life was just too busy and I had no time to train a new puppy. I still kept him and by September of 2013 we had lost all of our patience with the puppy. I knew something had to change and that’s when I started to look for ways to control the puppy. After a few days of researching and looking at dog obedience trainers, I came across Fearless K9. Speaking to Josh I knew he was the right choice to help me train my dog. Josh wasn’t like all other dog trainers I spoke to because I felt he actually cared about and understood the animals in a way that most trainers seemed not to understand. He asked questions I never even thought about asking.

After discussing options and meeting with us, Josh invited my dog Bear to stay with him at his house, along with his 2 pit bulls, male and female, his wife and his daughter. Even though he encouraged me to come up at least once a week, I was only able to visit Bear 3 times as my schedule was very busy. Each time though, I was so impressed to see the transformation in my dog’s behavior. Josh would send me updated emails and pictures of his work with Bear. The training that my dog Bear was receiving was unbelievable.

Once it was time to come home, 8 weeks later, Bear was hand delivered by Josh to my house and it was like I had acquired a new dog. After the training, I had full control over Bear. He used to charge through my house, knocking over my kids and jumping all over my older dog, but upon arriving, he was calm and was well mannered. Josh stayed for hours helping and answering any questions we had making sure both Bear and us were comfortable with the situation. He also has made himself available whenever we call or email him with a question or issue. He even has met with us several times to show us some things we were not fully understanding.

To sum up my experience…..Bear is trained to a high level of obedience. We do everything off leash. I make time now because he’s fun to be with. Bear loves to work for me. Throwing a ball for an hour is the norm in a park with people everywhere. Bear has no interest in them, just me and our ball. When we practice our obedience he’s on point. I have so much to be thankful for and I am so happy to be able to have this experience. I owe it all to Josh and Fearless K9.
I really have the utmost respect for you and I can’t put it all into words, but thank you from deep inside. You made Bear so much fun to be with. It’s truly an awesome feeling to be able to go anywhere with him!

At one time I didn’t want bear anymore, but Fearless K9 change all that….. Thank you!!!!