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Jennifer – Warren, CT

When I contacted Josh at Fearless K9 last August, we had a problem American bulldog on our hands.  Our dog had shown aggression and would not listen or respect me.  He was almost two years old and was quickly becoming more than I could handle.  Josh was very reassuring in our initial phone call and explained to me his experience with problematic, working breed dogs.  Many other trainers I contacted were unable to assist me with a bully breed dog that had shown aggression.

Our initial consultation with Josh was very informative.  He has a wealth of knowledge about dogs, their health and behaviors.  We outlined and targeted our family’s specific goals for our dog, Astro.  Josh has been a warm, caring trainer who respects his canine clients.  He has developed a great relationship with our dogs and our family.

Over the last year, Astro has become a more manageable, obedient dog.  We have set certain expectations and taught him how to act in our home.  I have also learned how to manage him and have identified my behaviors that enabled him to misbehave.

Josh has shown us how to keep our working dog as a beloved pet and protective dog, while at the same time maintaining the dog’s integrity and our sanity.

I would highly recommend Josh and Fearless K9 to anyone with dogs, but especially to owners of bully/working breeds or dogs with aggression issues.