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  • Assessment required
  • Lives with trainer
  • Leash manners
  • Advanced off leash obedience and reliability
  • Once a week session with owner working hands-on skill building
  • All equipment included

2This is great for people who don’t have the time to invest, but want a properly trained dog. This program is a minimum of 6 weeks. If for some reason it takes longer there is no additional charge to you. Your dog is never returned to you unfinished. It works much like an IN-KENNEL where your dog goes with the trainer for an extended period of time, but instead of staying at a kennel for the duration of the program, your dog stays with me in my home. This has many training advantages to it, such as; your dog is being trained not only in a sterile environment, but also in everyday, real world situations and distractions. I’ve found this to be very advantageous especially if you have a chaotic household because your dog is living in a real home environment during the training and proofing stages.


A unique feature of this, or any of my packages, is that there is still owner involvement throughout the whole process. You get weekly training sessions with your dog so you can learn how to apply and implement what they are being taught. This makes the learning for both you and your dog less overwhelming because you don’t have to learn everything all at once when your dog comes home. Your dog gets the opportunity to work4 with you throughout the whole process. With this kind of owner involvement, the relationship with the dog is that much stronger and in the end, making the obedience stronger. Training a dog shouldn’t be like dropping your car off at the mechanic for some work and then being handed back the keys with a handshake and maybe a quick explanation. Yes, you do allow me to keep your dog for an extended period of time, and I do roll up my sleeves and put a lot of time and effort into your dog, but that is only part of the formula for success. Remember, I am training your dog, not mine. So unless I teach you why I do certain things, and how to properly apply them, success will only be temporary and in the end cause you to look at the whole experience as a failure.