Impromptu Heeling Session

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Impromptu Heeling Session

I was just messing around and having a fun training session the other day. This is a normal thing I do with this dog because of his super high drive levels and his ability to make one time associations. So it is always important to have each session start off with obedience, then play, and end with more obedience.

I was throwing in some things I never even have tried with him so that’s why you see him a little confused in a couple of spots and when I was standing over him I had to move to the side. You may also notice that I say the down command when he is already down. I’m doing this on purpose to really start proofing his ability to think about what command I am actually giving and just not jumping up trying to anticipate the next move.



It can’t be seen in the video, but through the whole exercise there was a ball in the yard he was not allowed to engage with. At one point I actually had him laying on the ball. Other than that it was just a fun exercise in Premack Principle before we played. I actually wasn’t aware or planned on being recorded, but I at least got to see how I really am preforming as a trainer when I didn’t think anybody was watching!

I see some good points and a few areas I need to improve on!!