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I love to read and learn new information, so I thought I would put together a list of books that have helped me over the years. Some of them I may not agree with and others I use as reference constantly. All of the books listed, I have written a short explanation why I liked or disliked them. Over the years I have found that Amazon seems to consistently have the best prices on books. I’m always looking for the best deals and many times will buy these books used since they are working reference books for me so they see a lot of use. Please don’t hesitate to look at the used book option if considering any of these titles for your collection.

Please keep checking back in since I will continue to update this list as I acquire  and read new books.

I also have listed some training equipment I use with my own dogs. I do not recommend too many things and only after I have tested them for some time on my own dogs.

Thank you.