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PASSIVE DOMINANCE: Aggressive and Socially Dominant Greyhound


I recently assessed a greyhound that was having aggression issues. A Greyhound you ask??!! Within the first 24 hours of being in the home, the dog had growled and tried to bite the foster when she went to sit on the couch. Within a few days, she had come home to bloodied dogs, a dead bird […]

High Level “LEAVE IT”



This video is a demonstration of the importance of foundation work before getting into the Protection Work. Even though “Leave-it” isn’t necessarily used in protection work very often, the impulse control it teaches and being able to think when a high value item is in front of the dog does apply. A “Leave-it” command can also […]

Raw Feeding


Nutrition and health can stop any obedience plan, or behavioral rehab, dead in its tracks. If a dog is suffering from dry skin because of an allergic reaction, or a chronic yeast infection in it’s ear, how do you expect a dog to have the concentration and trust to listen to an obedience plan? The same […]



I will train any dog, regardless of breed, shape, size or history as long as the owner is committed to helping their dog. This includes successfully training and rehabilitating highly aggressive dogs that have a history of biting other dogs, and/or people.

I learned on aggressive dogs and that is where I have put my energy ever […]



Obedience is a very powerful tool. But, that is exactly what it is, only a tool. It does not magically transform a dog with issues into one with none. Unfortunately this has been a misconception within our society for quite some time, especially with behavioral issues such as aggression. The go-to solution for a very long […]



For Protection Dogs to continue to be a part of our culture they need to be stable, well balanced dogs. Protection needs to be a job, not the capping of a personality trait. The most useful, and successful personal protection dog is the one that can go with you and be with you in as many […]

Obedience or Exercise…What To Choose In A Crunch?


Here is one of the early videos (but keep in mind this is about 45 minutes into the session) of Darla (white terrier) and Jjacki (Malinois) starting to be ok playing with each other. These are two very assertive females who are almost 3 years-old and have no history together. I was pleasantly surprised that the […]

Astro Doing His Homework With Owners (Climb-Board Work)


I love it when I get videos like this! All the work that gets put in when I’m not around is what makes really good, reliable dogs. All the hours that are put in behind the scenes is what is important. I can’t guarantee people will have an amazing dog in the blink of an eye, […]